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5 Bucks A Yard On QuiltingHub
*all fabric is priced by the yard with a 1/2 yard minimum for purchase*
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minimum half yard cut
42-45" wide • 100% cotton

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Titan- Herringbone- Cream
In Stock (9)
$6.75 $6.08   

Titan- Herringbone- Light Blue
In Stock (10.5)
$6.75 $6.08   

Titan- Herringbone- Tan
In Stock (10.5)
$6.75 $6.08   

Titan- Squared- Tan
In Stock (7)
$6.75 $6.08   

Topia- Glltch- Iris- Shirting
In Stock (7.5)
$5.75 $5.29   

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